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Welcome to my personal finance blog. I created this site with the goal of helping others get their finances on track. I write articles on investing, show families how they can save money day to day, and talk about some of the best practices where financial independence can be reached with time.

My name is Braden and I live in Canada. I am a home builder who graduated with a bachelors degree from university and live with a family of three. Progressing through life, I have realized that the early education system in North America has many flaws. It doesn’t teach enough about finances, explain the right purposes of investment vehicles (or even what they are), or talk about some of the very simple principles on saving. On top of that, there is a well received notion by society that by eventually owning your own home, you can finally find yourself in a place of financial independence. This is all wrong, and I have seen it first hand. I wish people would understand this early in life, or even later. Living on government old age programs or by banking on your pensions (not a guarantee) will not put allow you to live your best life possible

On a quick note, the average individual in society will go though life without taking financial responsibly until their retirement years approach. In Canada and in the United States, the statistics on savings are sad. Most families are a pay check or two from insolvency, and with house prices still increasing (a whole other issue on its own) and the cost of living rising, more people are struggling day to day.

My goal is to teach everyday people on ways that financial independence can be achieved earlier in life. Most of the articles will be focused on understanding and and learning about investing , explaining the purposes of investment vehicles (TFSA, RRSPs, etc) and how they differ, and a huge list of places where people can easily save money (or make extra) day to day.

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